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tv   [untitled]    December 25, 2013 12:00am-12:31am PST

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>> ready to convene? >> okay. roll call, commissioner woo ho? >> here. >> brandon. >> here >> adams. >> here. >> murphy. >> here. >> approval of the minutes for the october 22, 2013 meeting. >> so moved. >> second. >> all in favor? >> aye. >> pledge of allegiance.
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>> please give the advice that the ringing of and the use of cell phones, pagers and similar sound producing electronic devices are prohibited at this meeting and be advised for the removal for the meeting room of any person responsible for the use of or the use of a pager or cell phone or an electronic device, a member of the public has up to three minutes to make comments on each item and support commissioner about the shorter period on any item. >> item five public comments on items not listed on the agenda. >> i have a couple of speaker cards, the first one is lee radner. >> thank you, commissioners. and my name is lee radner and i
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am here today to remind all of us of the community's vision for san francisco's north east water front, which was done by the asian neighborhood design, some months ago and you all received copies. and now, is the time to revisit and reread this excellent document as a basis for an open discussion. and this was developed by a&d with tremendous input from a large number of neighborhood citizen groups, friends of golden gateway. golden gateway tenant association. and the coast neighborhood association, tell graph hill dwellers and the citizens from china town, it is a blueprint for the entire north east corridor that offers plans and ideas to benefit the port, recreation, housing, open
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space, and it is environmentally compatible to the new cruise terminal and exploretorimu., it benefits those who live in the neighborhood but really opens up the water front to all parts of the city and those who visit our san francisco. and the a&d water front vision shows a sense of place, creating more people, space and i might point out that it was not an a&d plan but that wonderful children's playground in the park is an example of people, and vision. the water front vision plan is an integrated hall and now is the time to begin the dialogue with you and your port staff and we come with an open mind, changes may be muted to fit the present and an honest discussion, must again, the
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vision planner is a great starting point, and if i have time i would like to read td conclusions from the plan. >> strengthen the traffic and and the diverse water front and it enhances and preserves the community recreation opportunity and creates a politically and economically feasible plan that balances public use and revenues generating development. and i thank you for this opportunity and i hope to hear from you, and i know that your staff and yourselves know how to contact me, i would be happy to provide new copies if you have not got them available. and would like to move on from there, thank you very much. >> thank you. >> next, up is bill henum. >> thank you. >> good afternoon, commissioners my name is bill han on and i am the president
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of the golden gateway tenant's association. our members live in a large residential complex and not far from this building where we are now. i wanted to support mr. rander's recommendation that you pay careful attention to the design and study a thoughtful and a worldly document, thank you. >> thank you. >> next up, renee ducru, sorry. >> hello. my name is renee and i am here on behalf of the james r. herman memorial committee. and there will be the local 34 president was unable to be here due to illness and intending to convey this to you on behalf of the committee, the current design elements of the memorial
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one art piece as well as a multimedia presentation on the memorial wall, the committee intends to work with staff on getting the name of the terminal prominently and properly signed with james r herman's name. it is the commit at the's hope that the commissioners will be supportive of the signage on the exterior of the billion so the world will know who the terminal is named for. when the james r. herman has gotten it we will share with you. >> is there any further public comment on new business? hear none we will move on. >> item 6 a, executive
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director's report >> commissioners brian, sitting in for monique who is at a event in japan, we have a number of item and we will move them through quickly so we can get to the meat of the commission agenda, and you will see that the california association of harbor master and port captains had an awards banquet on october 30th, 3013. and at that awards banquet, the port of san francisco received an award for its efforts to bring the america's cup event to san francisco bay. and in particular, joe rilely was at that event and represented the port and the association of represents public and private marinas throughout the state and they were active in testimony and
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hearings leading up to the san francisco bay and a number of members at the event were very appreciative of our efforts but also say that the event was one of the key aspects of their career and their involvement in the event and they were thanking the port for bringing health and the event to the san francisco bay. >> the uss pamp anito, as well as it is not on the agenda, but as well as the sf jerimiah, are really two ships at piers 45. and they both, celebrated their 70th birthdays. and we had planned to present plaques to the communities to the representatives of the communities that the
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communities today and that they might be here and we will make that presentation at the december meeting but i wanted to acknowledge that both history vessels celebrated their san francisco, anniversary, or the 70th birthday on november 6th and we will look to getting plaques to the representatives of both of the ships at that particular meeting and as you know, both ships did extensive duty during world war ii. >> next is the bethlehem ship museum and they have embarked on a series of presentations and the first at the building at pier 70 tomorrow and that will start at 10:30 and go to one clock and it is part of the series of the presentations that they are doing on the
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industrialation on the bay. and tomorrow will focus on the brothers who died at the first battle of the canal on november 13th, 1943. and you can get more information about their presentations and their series and the event tomorrow in particular. and definitely in the shipyard and museum dot org. the state of california has developed a new state building code and that code will go into effect january of 2014. and that building code impacts the port's building codes and requires that we amend the various port building codes that we have. i just wanted the commission and the community know that there is a draft of the various
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port building codes. it is the building code green mechanical and electrical and plumbing codes, and all of those codes have to be amended to be consistent with the new state code and we have the codes available on the port website, sf for the public and for the commission to review. and the staff will be back to the port commission and in december to present the final draft of the building codes for your approval assuming that you do approve them. the new port codes will go into effect january first, 2014 at the same time that the state code goes into effect. and i mentioned a couple of times the port commission meeting in december and i want to remind folks and i know that the commission at the last meeting but i want to remind folks that the december commission meeting will be december the 12th which is a thursday and we usually meet on
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taouses and so the december meeting will be on thursday and we will start at the regular time at 3:15 here in the sherry building. and last issue that i wanted to raise with you is pier 92, grain silo public art and we have been before you regarding that particular murals that are proposed to the grant silos, piers 92, adjacent to the only north street bridge, and you remember that we worked with the art commission and they went through the selection process and selected a developer and excuse me not a developer, but they selected artists, and hadad and drugan to develop a mural for the grain siloand that was based on culture of historical issues from the bay view community. and although, the work has begun on that mural as of november 7th they have begun to
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put that mural in place so we can give you and the public a heads up that you will see that work beginning and it will be completed until december and we are working with the mayor's office and others on a ground breaking at least, to celebrate that. >> it will be lit as well as the pro-yekt is completed and commissioners that completes my report. >> thank you. and we do have one public comment, and you can make your
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comment. >> i am just surprised that washington was not on the executive direct's report as far as what happened. i must say that in spite of all of the meetings that we had and the labor said no no no and the port did not listen and it is too bad that they spent all of that money on a useless fight that could have been avoited and better spent on lighting the embarcadero and made other improvements to the water front, which we sorely need, and so i am just, really..., that it is held here. and i created the park across the street and all that i could say is a bunch of lies saying that we need parks instead of a parking lot wha, do they think that my park right next do is to it, sorry, it is a huge park and we don't need more parks, we need affordable housing i am sure, that you all got the
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message keep that m mind on all of the future endeavors on the port and because we can do better. and we tried so hard to make it beautiful and all that the city functions can do is destroy it and i love the way that they put it in the newspaper that the planning department okayed it and the board of supervisors okayed it and sure, they all worked in collaboration, because they are corrupt, thank you. >> thank you, commissions, any comments on the executive director's report? hearing none we will move on. >> item 7 a, the request to authorization to amend the existing contract withdavis & associates communications, inc.
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to (1) revise the scope of work, (2) increase the amount of the contract from $50,000 to $170,000, (3) extend the term by three years by extending the expiration date from june 30, 2014 to june 30, 2017, for a full contract term of five and one half years, and (4) add a one year extension option. (resolution no. 13-44). >> so moved. >> second. >> all in favor? >> aye. >> public comment? >> sorry, is there thee public comment on this item? >> hearing none, all in favor? >> aye. >> aye. >> it has passed. >> item 8 a. informational presentation on the revised project 3.0 design of the golden state warriors arena and multi-purpose venue project at piers 30-32 >> commissions, and as you know that we have been working for some time with the gold are state warriors on the development of the pier 30-32 and the proposed multipurpose
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for the water games and other events and activity and we are pleased to be at this point, where the design team for the golden state warriors will be presenting the latest design, as you know they will be working closely with the office of economic and workforce development, with the planning department, and with the port, and other city departments with other entities like ecdc and also working closely with various community stake holders and with the city family and the developer. this proposals you will hear is the response to the input from all of those entity and we are really excited to see what new ideas and how the project has
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changed. craig dikers as the internationally design firm and the designer that is leading this design effort. as you know, he has designed and this firm is designed the expansion which is under construction now. and craig is here to present the design for this facility. >> thank you very much and thank you commissioner and ladies and gentlemen of the audience. and we just like to spend about 20 minutes or so to run through some of the basic statistics and facts and also show you some images that will help to hopefully show you better in the audience to better understand the implications of the refinements that we have making over the past several months, before we do that, i would like to remind you that we have several goals and one of them is of course that we recognize that the current pier is in a serious state of
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deteration and if you look along them, and the basic platform of the pier, you will find rebar exposed and concrete, and falling into the water and so, a big part of our project is to provide the stabilization, actually to that pier itself. we hope that people will recognize that the desin is providing more open access to the peer and much more than we are familiar with today as the sight is fenced off to the public. the first sketches have shown an emphasis on pointing towards the nearby, existing monuments such as the bay bridge bier itself and so it has seeing as having as much value as the octobers themselves and houses the building for the facility across the site. and this is the recent sketch and we will go into it in some detail of how the areas are
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defined and the core idea remains the same that there be an emphasis between the open space and the space between things have value and a new design and this shows a large, grand lawn that we have created that leads the eye up from the south to the north from to the bay bridge pier and there are three values that we have tried to develop and refine further and all of these points are being created in our minds, and in relation to comments that we have heard both informally and formally, through various agencies and citizen's groups and community members. but first thing improved access that we want to make this site as pourous as possible so that the people can move through it in different ways and provide the different perspectives of the certify roundings and shore line and we want the building to be inviting so that the scale and the heights and the relative design of those
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structures is a magnitude that is approachable. >> and we want to provide more green space on the site as you have seen previously in the previous iteration and so here is a site plan of where we are today and you will notice that there is a significant refinements made to the retain areas, and we will show s those in just a moment and some more green space being provided in and around the facility. and this is the previous version that you had seen some months ago. around may of this past year the retail on the left is sizeable and put the two together here is the sort of red line showing me the version of 2.0 and the newest iteration
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below and we have reduced the girth of the arena significantly and that is by removing about 33,000 square feet out facility itself and i want to point out that this is more by the efficient designs and not to somehow make it shrink and it is more intelligent in the engineering and in the planning and making sure that we are not wasting any space but it has very much the same performance value as it had previously and the retail space is more intimate and it is smaller scale modules and so there is room in this retail design for different types of facilities including smaller restaurants and shops and we have cutaway at the pier edges on the southern edge which is the side facing the sun where most of the activity. you will notice it that there has been refinements to size
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and heights of things and we have certainly reduced the sort of gross square footage of the venue itself. and 33,000 square feet as i mentioned earlier and we have increased the amount of open space and we have added about an acre of open space and there is a figure that is not on the list which is in addition we have added about one acre of more, veg taited or planted space and so there is more ground cover than there was in previous. and so over all, there is two acres of pervious planted landscape on the site now and about 60 percent of the area of the pier is dedicated to open space and that is up to 53 percent and we have about 7 acres of open space on the site and that is the equivalent of about three union squares in space. and spread across the two pier sites itself and we have removed, 15,000 square foot of
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pire., and we had removed none and so there is more water exposed to the sky in this new iteration. and we still have a deep water birth and they are accessed along the perimeter areas and we have also created and you will see in a moment, lower platforms that rise up towards the entries so it is more accessible in general. and the first thing that we would like to point out is that we have improved pedestrian cyclist safety around the site and the previous scheme had a support of the vehicular entry at the northwest corner which is signified with the blue arrow, and right adjacent to bryant street and so originally we felt that this would be the only possible place for the support that the vehicle entrance and it has turned out to be some what problematic in terms of interactions with the pedestrian flow along this side. and so in the newest, we are looking at moving the support
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entrance towards the center of the site so that it is more in keeping with the traditional buildings along the shore line here where generally you have a building with a central vehicular entrance and wings on either side. and this then, allows the people to move freely around the northwest corner which as you may recall, that we have been pointing out that the large number of people will be coming from the northwest, towards this location towards the south towards at&t park as well and towards this venue and so the northwest corner there has a lot of need for public and pedestrian safety and including vale t parking and the little rectangle in the middle and they are available to the public. and the other thing that we have done is making sure that the cycle traffic along the
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embarcadero can move freely and not find itself in intersections with people and cars are having to interact in a severe way, and so this has been a part of our thinking and the second point, that we would like to make, is that the northwest corner, not only is improved in terms of safety, but one that we hope to show you a more graceful design and because we have moved this support vehicular entrance towards the center you can see that the previous design which suffered from the challenge of this vehicular conflict made it so that the only one available to use to the event above is only about 10 feet wide which is preconstrained and so we all recognize that as an issue and the new design that you will see, that we are able to get about 170 feet, of space around which you can access the core of the site without having to interfere with traffic flow of any kind.
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and this plaza, of sorts, is surrounded by retail space, that has outdoor ter aces for outdoor seating so it can be restaurant or activity here facing towards the financial district and the city to the north. and this is a view from the north looking towards the south and we have provided now a new sort of passage which leads through the retail paces, as opposed to just one large stair. we have a ramp that leads one through, these smaller retail modules and these restaurant and coffee shops and etc., along the way and point you directly to the south with views over the bay. as you move through these pass js up towards the event center and viewing tar aces above. the fire station remains in a similar location and it has been previously there and you can see it with the san francisco fire department. located just adjacent to the northwest corner here. and the next thing that we would like to point out is that
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we have a reduced significant amount of height in some of the ter aces that lead to the entrance of the venue itself and so this is the new design, and we have created sort avenue plaza area. it can be used as a specific space during the time that the event center is not in use, but here is an indication of how much we have removed, and the old design the previous design had about a 37 foot height event center, and we dropped it down to about 28 feet. so that is nearly 10 foot of drop. on to the middle portion of the public areas at the corner of the site and here is the previous design on the left that is the area that was at 37 feet prior to this revision and that is the area of 37 feet now and so you still have to rise up to get into the entry of the venue itself but for the most part the public areas are slightly lower. and if there are any questions,
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i would be happy to answer anything or we will keep going, but feel free if there is anything that is a little hard to understand here. one of the important issues is that this plaza be accessible by all types of people, those that are in real movement as well as others. and so we have made a series of simple sloping surfaces that take you to this point and we will talk to you more about that in a moment. here is a view of that event and the center plaza plus 28 feet and you have risen up to a point, where you can see out over to the bridge, itself, and there is a possibility for the restaurants and shops, to feed out on to the plaza on both sides and so you feel that you are surrounded by activity, which is very important. the other thing that is important to people is at the
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north east corner where the practice is situated it is too high to many and felt that it was an impediment to appreciating the water front, we have managed to lower the height of the practice courts from 55 feet to 37 feet which is a substantial difference and there you see the difference in the height between the new design and the sold. this allow for the people to still get up high enough to have views of treasure island and the water front and also by the way back to the financial district, but also, low enough that it does not feel overwhelming as you walk along the edge itself. altogether if you take both the reduction of the event center mras sa and this to 55 to 37 we, have removed, 1.3 million feet of mass from the desxien that is a huge number and it


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